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Old 2014-11-12, 11:30pm
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Default Garage studio ventilation & setup

Hello to the Lampworking community , I apologize if this idea/topic has been covered elsewhere, i did a quick search but I didn't come up with all the answers I was hoping for.
In my current house i cannot install ventilation or setup a shed studio in the backyard, so the only option i could think of was the garage. Here was my idea

*edited, i believe working perpendicular to airflow will help if wind shifts or anything, will help take hopefully take heat and bad stuff away from me regardless*

If this works, it will not be set into motion until spring, so i have plenty of time to plan and purchase materials.

I have flashbacks, hose + clamps, a GTT Cricket, tools & glass, glasses, the fan, and this respirator. I read that it is sufficient for glassblowing, and called 3m and they confirmed.
I feel that all 3 doors open, the fan, and my respirator should be sufficient for ventilation. Also because of the scale of my work & torch

I'm not sure about what oxygen concentrator or kiln i am going to get, but i plan on upgrading to a GTT lynx eventually. (I believe i need a 10psi 5-10lpm concentrator?) And as for a kiln, i only make pendants and smaller scale things so i'm not looking for anything huge.

I am assuming it is best to keep the propane tank/regulators as dry as possible? Is it safe to refill propane tanks for years at a time? Or should i exchange for a new one regularly? Lastly, i have read that not all propane is created equal, is any type cleaner in your experience?

I am going to try to work on not too windy days, but if need be i could close the garage ahead of me halfway or something. I only plan on working with glass in the garage between the spring and fall.

Any recommendations, suggestions, safety precautions, or advice on anything i'm missing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading

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Old 2014-11-13, 10:23am
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Looks good.

I have the same fan. Sounds like a jet taking off!!! I wear headphones to help with that.
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