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Customer Service Kiosk -- Questions for LE vendors.

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Old 2007-08-10, 8:44am
Imelt4U Imelt4U is offline
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Default bead display

I followed an ad & ended up ordering the most awesome bead displays... and can't remember the website now. Does anybody have a clue? The stand is segmented in 3 parts... with rods across the middle part... and bead stands on either side. And it has push out legs to make the it a stand up display.
Any help? I want more!
~~~waving~~ Joanie
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Old 2007-08-10, 8:47am
smiles4u smiles4u is offline
I love melting glass!
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Location: New Hampshire
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Default this the one you mean?

Lone Pine Designs on Ebay!
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Old 2007-08-10, 10:42am
tgslampwork's Avatar
tgslampwork tgslampwork is offline
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Go on. Click it!

Yes. We. Did!
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Old 2007-08-10, 11:04am
Imelt4U Imelt4U is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 05, 2005
Posts: 539

Thanks so much... just what I was looking for. Except I got it in a cream color. They're wonderful!
~~~waving~~ Joanie
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Old 2007-08-12, 12:23pm
AnnDK's Avatar
AnnDK AnnDK is offline
First bead: 2007-04-28
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
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Hi Joanie
Have you checked out this website: ? She also makes beautifull beadracks.

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