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2014-03-26, 12:59pm
A Solid Swan

The first thing is to start with the size of rod you want; in this case I used 10mm clear.

I also used a small rod for a punty; on this one it is not a cold seal, I leave a 6 inch small rod on making my swan a plant stick. (To stick in a potted plant) J

The Body of the Swan

Take your long 10mm rod or two rods smaller in length and make a ball heating up the glass and pushing in on both rods while turning them. When you have a ball of glass in the middle about two times the size of the rod, hold it in the flame and let it droop slightly.

Now take the right side and place your heat just at the under corner of the droop and burn it off as you pull up, making a point. (This is going to be the tail of your Swan)

Now attach your punty rod to the bottom of what will be the Swans belly. (Right in the middle) donít forget to let cool just a bit so it will stay straight. Now you have a handle to hold on to so you can finish your Swan. J


The Neck

Holding the punty in your left hand and the larger rod in your right hand, turn the piece upside down at about a 45 degree angle and heat up about a inch and a half of the big rods glass. (Both sides) When you see it is ready to pull the neck of the swan, leaving it upside down pull the neck out. (Pulling the bigger rod out and toward the tail of the swan and pulling the punty rod slightly up) This should make a half a heart shape. Now burn off the rod. If itís your first time it will not be straight J itís ok. Take your needle nose pliers and fix it.


The Head

Just round back the end, making a small ball and add the beak curving it slightly like a banana and to a point.


Heat up and attach your larger rod to the left side of the body of your Swan. Pull out a bit and fold the glass back down to the body. Now heat the end and pull your wing a tad bit back and then back up to the middle making your wing the height you want it.


Now repeat the process to the other side making both wings the same size.


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Thank you!

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Nice! Thanks.

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Thanks bud I'm glad to see someone else using a non glass blowing torch it makes me feel better about my jerry rigged set up :). Beautiful swan gonna try it tonight as soon as it cools off

2014-06-09, 9:40pm
Yep it works fine but i did go and buy a national m8 over and under setup :)